About Us

At Hermodable, we work with South American Maroons, descendants of Africans in the Americas who formed settlements away from slavery, to provide a variety of different palm oils with medicinal and cosmetic properties that have benefits for human health.

We are committed to fair trade and sustainable practices to enhance the quality of life for the Maroon farm families in the lowland tropical rainforests of Suriname and to protect the environment and improve soil health by promoting environmental stewardship.

The Benefits of Palm Oils

The three different palm oils we focus on are Maripa, Krappa, and Tonka oils, which contain fatty acids with lipid content that bring many health benefits to humans. Scientific research has shown these oils have the potential for preventing heart disease, inflammation, and possibly even neurodegenerative diseases.

Historic Uses

Historically, palm oil has been traced back to West Africa, where five thousand years ago Arab traders introduced its medicinal properties to the Egyptians. The Egyptians used the healings powers of the oil as a remedy to relieve muscular aches and pains. In traditional African medicine, palm oil has also been used to treat toothaches, rheumatism, infections, and negate poison.

Modern Skincare

Used to hydrate skin, palm oils have shown to nourish skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, scars, and stretch marks. The antioxidants in palm oil can even delay the onset of wrinkles, boost your skin’s immunity to fight infections, and improve blood flow. And with anti-bacterial properties as well, palm oil can prevent acne breakouts and other infections associated with the skin.