Hermodable Tonka Oil

Hermodable Tonka Oil

Our Hermodable Tonka Oil comes from the beans (or seeds) of the Dipteryx odorata species of trees, also known as the Cumaru or Kumaru tree. Cumaru trees are a member of the legume family and natively originate from Central and South America. The name for the tonka beans comes from the Galibi language in French Guyana where the word bean is pronounced “tonqua” or “tonquin.”

The Beans

Although the timber of the Cumaru tree has been historically valued for building and furniture, it’s the bean that has become the star of the show in recent decades. The black shriveled bean of the Cumaru is where the tonka oil is derived from. Traditionally used for flavoring in tobacco, the oils are no longer used for those purposes due to the synthetic flavors tobacco companies now use.

Nowadays, tonka oil is more commonly used for health and therapeutic purposes. The main compound that is extracted from tonka beans is Coumarin, which consists of small white crystals that give the tonka oil calming aromas of caramel and vanilla.

Benefits of Tonka Oil

It’s important to caution that tonka bean oil should NOT be orally consumed due to claims of health concerns associated with liver and heart damage, as well as cancer.

Traditionally, South Americans have recognized the antiseptic importance of tonka oil and have used it to treat ear infections, bruises, lacerations, and poisonous bites.

Also used as an expectorant, tonka oil has been known to help loosen mucus and lubricate breathing passages so as to clear a chesty cold and making your cough more productive

The natural aromas of tonka oil give off a calm and soothing effect through its therapeutic perfumery. When used in aromatherapy, the scent can invoke relaxation and promote healthy sleep.